Chromodoris & Friends

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From what I've observed, the Chromodoris is a very large group of nudibranchs. When I check my photos against the nudibranchs in my reference books, they have "(Chromodoridae)" next to their names. In this section, I've placed what I think are chromodoris nudibranchs, along with a few others whose categories are beyond me, or I know what they are but they don't fit anywhere else in my pages.

Nembrotha Chamberlaini (not part of chromodorid family)



These chaps were tiny - the 'gravel' bits around them are actually fine grains of sand on the seabed. That's how small they were.

I think the one on the left is a chromodoris albonares and the right is some species of gymnodoris.
Gymnodoris aren't part of the chromodoris family, but this guy's colour matches with the other guy so I put them together.


Chromodoris Bullocki

Mexichromis mariei


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