Lionfish and Spiky Things



Lionfishes are a type of scorpionfish with groovy fins which feather out all over the place. In Lembeh, they're EVERYWHERE.

Despite their over the top appearance, they're easy to miss, especially when they look like nearby anemones or tubeworms, like this one on the left.

Shortfin Lionfish?

"Regular" Lionfish
Their 'mane' was so big that with a macro lens, we focused on their faces and didn't get any shots of their full form (except for this one juvenile).

More lionfish here

While lionfish can be spotted quite easily by their long "feathers", other scorpionfish are more difficult to spot because they look just like their surroundings. You might be hovering just above the seafloor trying to take pictures of a nudibranch, and you'll have to watch where you place yourself, in case you get poked by a scorpionfish. (This is a prompt for you to click on the next page, entitled "Scorpionfish").



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