Good Old-Fashioned Fish
(yes, Lembeh has some of these)

The comet fish's round marking makes it look like a moray eel if it slots itself into appropriate cracks. Is that cool or what?

This batfish is making a stop at one of the cleaning stations - the blue line you see near the fish's mouth is actually a cleaner wrasse.


Our serious books didn't say why filefish are called filefish, so I went to Wikipedia, which says that the name is because of its sandpapery skin and compressed body. It 'is said' that dried filefish skin was once used to finish wooden boats.



Yellow-Barred Jawfish


Freckled Goatfish


Two very similar tobies - I couldn't decide which one was fingerprint or papuan.
Tobies are small pufferfish.  As the name implies, pufferfish can expand their bodies when provoked.  And if they're eaten, the poison in their tissue can be toxic.




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