Shrimps and Crabs

If you live in Singapore, you tend to see crabs as belonging to just a few species - the black ones in the tank at the supermarket or at seafood restaurants, which later get drenched in chilli or black pepper sauce; or the soft shell ones from Sri Lanka; both of which are really yummy. But diving has introduced me to the many many species of crabs, some of them so unusual-looking you have to do a double-take.

Orangutan Crabs
How to pronounce: it's "oh-rang" as in "rung", and"oo-tan" as in "ton", and NOT the ridiculous "araaaangataaaaan".

More orangutan crabs

Xanadu Crab
Doesn't even look like a crab, does it?

Dorippe Crabs - spot the crab!
(there are also a few urchin-carrying dorippe crabs in the Urchins page)

Don't know what this one is called, but it looks like a rooster.

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